Venturing out

We are exploring the possibilities of investing in the rural areas of Japan - rejuvenating the rural areas of Japan. This is something which I have been holding close to heart.

Many many years back in my university days, I went on a 1 year exchange program in Akita International University. It was my first time out of Singapore, also my first time experiencing the 4 seasons. I remembered that I was very excited when the first snow came and the next morning, it was white all round. But as the winter nights grew longer, i came to a realisation that all i would be seeing for the next few months was white... 

I participated in a Japanese contest and I a photo of me was published on the local papers the next day. The topic was 'My Dream'. I shared about how important it would be to expose children to English at a young age and how I would return to Akita in the future to teach English to these kids. Looking at how i am now, I really don't think i can be a teacher. I have zero patience.

So, I have always hoped that I can return to Akita or at least, be able to contribute back to the local areas in Japan.

What I am trying to do here with Wonderfullymade is with the goal of benefiting the locals. We aim to bring in more sales from overseas and to open up more markets for these artisans beyond Japan.

And now, we are thinking of buying a property to run as a minshuku and bring in more foreigners to these local areas. Right now, we are looking at Towado Lake in Aomori since my business partner is moving over there in 2 months' time. 

Stay tuned to our page to find out how you can be part of it too!


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