The Samurai さむらい

Our Kokeshi series would not be complete without Samurai さむらい.

Samurai warriors' origins can be traced to the native Emishi people in the Tohoku region. They were hired by wealthy landowners who left the imperial court to seek fortune elsewhere after being stripped of power by the Fujiwara clan. They hired samurai to build their armies as they continued to exist outside of the central government. In those days, samurai warriors were drawn to teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism because of the simple rituals and ideal philosophical belief that salvation would come from within and that paralleled samurai’s own code of behaviour. During the Kamakura period, a samurai’s honour resided in his sword.

Fun Fact: “Koku” was the unit to measure the wealth of a samurai. One Koku referred to the amount of rice it took to feed a man in 1 year (approximately 180 liters of rice!)


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