Showa Village - where Ramie is made

Today, we are at Showa Village, the place where ramie textiles (the oldest woven textile in Japan) is made. In our last two posts, we highlighted the uniqueness of ramie, its manufacturing process and functional properties as a fabric. Even to this day, ramie is still used in creating beautiful garments such as scarves (by Reiko Sudo, a famous Japanese designer) and other designers around the world as we move towards a sustainable and conscious fashion.
At Showa Village, ramie is immersed into every aspect of people’s lives and it is used to create everyday household item. When you visit Showa Village, you can also experience first hand ramie weaving at Orihimi Koryukan using huge traditional machines. These machines are so old that spare parts are few and far between. Hence, every machine has a characteristic look as they are repaired with any spare parts that are still available.
Another famous landmark in Showa Village is Hyakko no Reisen, a famous hotspring. The story goes that there was once a draught in the area. And a long-nosed goblin appeared to the feudal lord who was concerned over the matter and told him about the spring. From the on, it has been a very meaningful place visited by locals to pray for prosperity.
📷Credits: Japan Monthly Web Magazine

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