Little Fujisan 富士山

Little Fujisan 富士山 (Mount Fuji), our latest darling is hand carved and hand painted with well-loved elements of Japan. The artist begins his artwork with the revered and sacred Mount Fuji standing tall and imposing beside delicately painted sakura flowers. Followed by the Chureito Pagoda, standing tall and yet so well protected by majestic nature. And finally, the iconic red torii gate which can be found in front of every Shinto shrine.

Little Fujisan is one of our most precious kokeshi dolls because of the juxtaposition of the elements the artist chose to be depicted on the simple kokeshi traditional attire. The perfect balance of strength blending in so naturally with nature brings out the very essence of Japan which we can only stand in awe and appreciation.

To watch how kokeshi is handmade from scratch, click here.

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