Kokeshi Successor - Yoshihiro Okamoto

My name is Okamoto Yoshihiro, my birthday is the same as Usaburo (my grandfather). I am 48 years old. I have been in this work for 28 years.” says the eldest grandson of Usaburo (founder of Usaburo Kokeshi)

“It takes 10 year or more to be able to whittle wood.” he explains and we believe him. His spirit and vision is to make kokeshi well known all around the world, not just in Gunma prefecture. 

As we continue to explore the world of kokeshi, we continue in complete #humility, respect and admiration. Learning the process has been a journey as we reflect on how many of us can actually admit that we have the courage to dedicate our lives to a single craft for 28 years and more.

Master Yoshiro is the only one in his grandfather’s company who has truly mastered the 10 steps art of creating a kokeshi. 


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