Categorising Japanese Traditional Crafts

There are a total of 235 crafts designated as traditional crafts by METI. These traditional crafts have been categorised into 15 categories as below:
  1. Textiles/Weaving
  2. Textiles/Dyeing
  3. Other Fiber Crafts
  4. Ceramics
  5. Lacquer Ware
  6. Bamboo and Woodcraft
  7. Metalwork
  8. Buddhist Altars and Fittings
  9. Washi Paper
  10. Writing Tools and Abacus
  11. Stonework
  12. Semi Precious Stone Craftwork
  13. Dolls and Kokeshi
  14. Others Crafts
  15. Materials and Tools for Making Crafts

Follow us as we go on a #1prefecture1craft journey and bring you these craftsman's stories of creation! 

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